Saturday, 6 May 2017

Heronbrook fisheries

Peg 2 Match Lake

Won the match

92 Anglers fished

Drew peg 2 Match lake, which looked spot on and some of the friendly locals said it will be a "F1 a chuck"..... and to be far it weren't fair off.  Lost my way a little.  Caught shallow and 16 meters down the edge, where I was way too negative.  Should of feed more bait and earlier.

Gear used

Colmic Airon F66 Pole
Yellow Hollow 2.1
Jamie 0.2 gram float
0.152 Colmic Spider LINE
0.145 Colmic Stream 16 Colmic WN501 hook


1. C Telling, Colmic/Marukyu, 183-8-0

2 M Halliwell, Bag‘em Baits, 159-2-0

3 P Truman, Rugeley, 157-5-0

4 S Openshaw, Mosella, 139-14-0 

5 A Hulme, Maver Gold Dynamite Baits, 134-14-0

6 P Ashdown, Wirral, 144-2-0.

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