Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 22
44lb 11oz
1st place (but only just)
12 fished

Haven't been to Alders Farm for ages, so was looking forward to it.  Early start, set off at 6.30 and three hours later I arrived. Traffic was murder on the A40 and A34.  So there was two pegs left in and both were flyer, peg 22 and peg 5.  Peg 5 has to be one of my favourite pegs on Pines Lake, as I was lucky to drew it quite a few times on the winter league.... a real "Bung Hole". However drew next to Westy on the dam wall, peg 22.

A bit of a rush to kit up.  Started on the pellet feeder and had one second chuck and it was quite.  Loads of fish topping, blowing and moving around..... but didn't feed.  Even after the match I struggled a little.... I caught best on pinging pellets and giving it some to be fair.  Had around 15 ish small carp and a coupl of skimmers to just win the match.  Very tight.  Two 42lb 3oz and I had 44lb 11oz.  One fish in it.  Can't wait to get back..... hopefully the traffic won't be a killer.

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