Sunday, 28 May 2017

Alvechurch Fishery

Peg 35
1st place
6 fished

I really do get excited fishing Horseshoe Lake at Alvechurch as when that float goes under it can be anything from a Ide to a 4lb barbel to 8lb angrey carp.  A bit disappointed with attendance today, but still it's a match and I do fish for fun.  So I'm not too concerned if it was a 5 pegger or 80 pegger.  

We had half the lake for the match and the other half was for pleasure anglers.  I draw peg 35.   Which was shallow, shocked to find only 2.5 feet maximum.  So therefore these fish were going to fight like fu@k.  So no need for light gear, definitely went down the heavy root.  0.18's and Colmic Kerry floats.

I caught steady all day fishing long with my worm mix.  Caught carp to eight pound and 48lb of silvers, which was skimmers and carp.  Great day to catch 188lb and set a new venue record.... which won't last long.

Colmic Kerry's are brilliant floats.  Visible and stable.
Colmic Airon F66 awesome bit of kit.....

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