Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tunnel Barn Farm - Maver Match This

Peg 28 Extension
93lb 10oz
No good (think I was second in section)
101 anglers fished

This was first and only ticket for Maver Match This qualifier at Tunnel Barn Farm.  Tunnel for me is a venue that I never seem to do well at, for one reason or another. The whole venue seems to have go caster mad, banded caster shallow and really shallow.  Great think thing about Facebook and social media is the amount of write ups you can see that are up to date and real time, so you can learn a lot via the web.

I drew peg 28 Extension Pool which was a steady area, but been realistic and honest, I stood very little chance of qualifying from here. 

I should of fished paste at 4 meters. Fish blew (fizzed) on feed pellets. Had 1 stocky F1.

Casters should of been feed at 10 meters at not at 7 meters.

Meat.... Should of had some... Meat in edges.

Top soil would of been better than peat. Didn't rotate lines quick enough

Well done to Steve Openshaw for winning the match.  Good luck to you in the final.

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