Friday, 26 August 2016

Ivy House Lakes. Friday evening match

Peg 15 (flyer)
Match win
Won Silvers
12 fished

A bit of rush for me to get to Ivy House Lakes tonight, the beauty of two jobs, but made it.  I was even doing my rigs in the draw queue and had last one in the bucket which was a peach of a peg!!!

It was going to be a simple match for me, paste in open water and maggots down the edge on my trustee pole, the new Colmic 7401. 

The beginning of the match I started down the edge and had two small carp, but like a tw*t spent too much time on it.  Then went on paste and caught carp and skimmers, was a brilliant nights fishing and I was told this was the highest weight of the year in three hours.

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