Friday, 1 July 2016

Lindholme - Open

Peg 74
Third overall
15 fished

Was keen to fish Thursday's open match today, especially how well yesterday fished in the Fish O.  I drew peg 74, which had loads of room, but must be getting old as had to ring the guys up to ensure that I sat on the correct peg.... Going to be a bad day fishing???

Shipped out my trustee Colmic 16 meter F44 pole and started pinging pellets.  Next mistake.... Two small carp and a small F1 and a few missed bites, things were looking bad. After 40 mintues of frustration, I decided to get the worms out.  This was a good move, started getting a few of fish together, F1's and Ide.  However after a good thirty mintues the fish started coming up in the water, foul hookers and missed bites.  Nightmare was back, 2 hours into my fishing match and I was going no where.  

Therefore, off my box again and got a up in the water chop rig, this was ok, but small fish (ide, roach, skimmers, tiny f1's).  I felt my match was slipping away despite no one really catching, and the only thing I was enjoying was the pi$$ taking (a lot of friendly banter) and for once it wasn't me!  I had to do something so got the micro pellets and soil and cupped it in like that to push fish on deck and used 0.4 float and began to bag on f1's, decent Ide, barbel (don't they fight) and small carp.  This was a good, but still felt I needed more.  So opened up a couple of edge lines, and it was good, but could catch on the mans rig (0.188 spider and the Green colmic hollow), instead using a light 0.13 rig and caught a lot of carp down the edge.

Gear Used

Colmic F44 Pole.
Pellet rigs
0.1 gram Colmic Mikes.
0.05 gram Colmic Moons

Worm rigs
0.4 gram Jon Walker Diamond
0.1 gram Jon Walker Diamomd

Edge rig
0.1 Colmic Mikes

Lines 0.152 Spider Line
0.125 stream
16 and 18 WN501

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