Sunday, 24 July 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 4 Island Pool
1st place
11 fished

This was a good draw for me on Island Pool, the teens are good as the wind has been blowing into that bank for a few weeks, but had some room, next peg was peg 35 and its shallow and fish cruising and blowing all over the peg.

One thing I've learnt about Island Pool is you can try and do too much, and loose yourself which I have been guilty of plenty of times.

For me, it was a pellet match and a bit of Bait techs special G groundbait for the method and or the pellet feeder.  Gear wise, normal set up.  

Colmic Spider Line 0.152 to 0.125.  

SCRAPE Next Adventure 45 and 60 rods.  Zartan Reels.  0.20 Colmic Method line

Had a bit of nightmare of a match, fell in twice, due to borrow someone else's leg, which wasnt capable of taking my weight.  Lost at least two fish out of my keepnets, due to almost EVERYTHING going in the lake.  Put the rod in the reeds, then the rod almost got dragged in whilst in the lake, and then played the fish, which done me on the rope.....  Frustrating day.