Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 2 
Won match
2nd in silvers
14 fished.

Ivy House Lakes match lake fished pretty hard in the heat, but hoped it would be better today, as it was cooler and overcast at times....

Started at 5 meters on pellets and caught one 8oz skimmer, which was a BAD sign, as normally this is worth 2lb to 8lb in the first five mintues, and the second week in a row I've failed to catch on this line....... Maybe I've told too many people??!!

Looking around the lake a little frustrated, i saw a few early carp were caught.  Andy loydd caught really well early, but it slowed down for him.  The lake was fishing hard and unbelievably  I failed to catch on my normal worm mix, which was another banker... So fished the swinging rig, which only produced one decent carp, 8lb, after 1 hour and 30 minutes things were looking bleak and even 
I got the paste out, which I am very rusty at, considering I used to fish it all the time..... So pleased to win the match.  Learnt loads, so hopefully I will have another run on paste like I did years ago?!?

33lb Silvers
49lb carp

0.2 gram float (Jon walker- paste)
0.169 Colmic Spider Line
0.125 Stream
12 WN501 hook
Colmic blue hollow 2.3mm elastic