Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Rolfs Lake - Easter Festival

Day 1
Peg 17
Won Section
Won match

Colmic Poles are so strong

Good start to Rolfs Easter Festival, however got another two days left and need some good draws.  I would really like to win this Festival, as I've never got close, always there or thereabouts.   Caught all my fish on hard pellets, nice day.
Day 2
Peg 4
18lb (all silvers)
Third in section
Gutted to draw peg 4, I seem to draw the same pegs every year.  I had it in 2015 Easter Festival, and only had 30lb for 5th in section.  2014 I drew peg 5 and had 121lb and the guy on peg 4 was and still is class and weighed 45lb.  I had peg 4 in 2013 and blow out with 2oz, which beat two anglers!!
It was struggle, caught 5 skimmers and a few roach and no carp....  I really tried hard to catch carp and sat it out or two fruitless hours without any success.  Fair play Steve Waters bagged one (15lber) and lost a monster on the dreaded peg 40!!
Day 3
Peg 30
12lb (all roach)
Fourth in section
To be fair, I felt this would be the fairest section out of the three, so wasn't too concerned where I drew.  I fancied peg 8 or peg 13.  But has to make do with peg 30.  This had a three carp caught on it the day before, so was hopeful.
The turned out to be a mega tough match.  No signs of carp again, so a fruitiness 10 hours of carp.  Also either side of me never had a carp either for both days.  I like to add that the lake is full of colour and there was a lot of fish moving around top of the lake, pegs 19 and 20.  

Gear used

Colmic Airon F44 Pole
0.168 F1 Spider Line
0.125 or 0.145 stream hook length.
0.2 - 0.4 gram Jon Walker Pellet Diamonds
0.1 Colmic Mike float for shallow fishing (didn't happen on festival)
1st Anthony Flint  5 points

2nd Mark Newbold 7 points
3rd Marc Doyle 7 points
4th Danny Deakin 8 points
5th myself. 8 points

Top 5 and John Bennett (owner)


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