Saturday, 12 March 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool and Boundary Pool

  • Peg 36 Island Pool
  • 74lb
  • 2nd overall
  • 19 fished
Lucky and caught some big carp.

With Boundary and Island in today's open, I'd hope to draw island as I felt that this would be the better lake..... Boundary Pool can be moody lake.  However, I drew peg 36, which isn't the best of draws at the moment I fell.  So set up two feeder rods (Colmic Next Adventure 60 rods), a waggler rod (Colmic Professional 25 rod) and one pole rig on my trustee Colmic Airon F44 pole.  I felt it would be a "rod job today".

On the bright side it looks like Spring is finally here?  Makes a change to not be sat in gale force winds and playing tug of war with my pole.  

The match started really slow for me and I felt the worse, but it was after twenty mintues where I caught a small F1 and normally these fish are a shoal fish and therefore was lucky enough to catch a few more, but was concerned after 1 hour and 30 minutes I had 9 F1's and I was likely to be last on the lake.  But I had been feeding the pole at 16 meters, so went on it and after an age, the float disappeared and I caught a F1 and then was fortunate to catch a few welcome carp, but did loose a few, just pulled out, one Common Carp broke me at the net as it rolled over 0.11 Spider Line, but the fish did take me to the Island and back, which was a little extreme.  This line is that tough and I do swear by it to give me more bites with it Fluro Tech.  Do take your time tieing the knots and over wet them, so they don't slip.  I have had two anglers moan about it on Facebook.  One angler turned out that they never even owned it, and the other was more impressed with X5000 line, which is fair enough as line is a peronsal preference.   Disappointed that someone would slag off a product that they haven't used....

I was surprised that I weighed 74lb, as I felt I had about 50lb and blew my chances as the last hour saw me catch nothing!  Frank Donache said I would be surprised what I would have and he was right.  

Really nice to see some new faces.  Island as an whole fished consistently, see weight broad below, Boundary was a bit tougher.  Gary Watts won Boundary Pool with 54lb, well done mate and Simon Shaw won the match with 96lb.  

I can see my venue record of 350lb been beaten this year, hopefully by myself, I can see 400lb been caught on Middle or Island pool.

Gary Donachie
Colmic Airon poles.  The strongest poles on the market.

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