Sunday, 13 March 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

Peg 9
No good
12 on the lake
36 fished

this fatty went 14lb.... half my total weight

I was guesting for Harescombe Fishery again in the last round of Manir Farm Leisures winter league.  I was on Boundary Pool, which is a lake that I really enjoy and normally is kind me.... Boundary Pool fished hard yesterday in the Open match with only 45lb winning off peg 36. The favoured pegs which I'd would of like to of draw would be Peg 19, 31 and 38, but I drew peg 9.  Liam Dennick was on there yesterday and struggled.  So I was likely and did do the same.

The wind was spot on, I had some ripple, alright it wasn't the warmest, but I felt I would catch a few on the pole.  So fished 14.5 meters of my Colmic F44 pole, with normal rigs.  Also set up straight lead and. Pellet feeder.  Simple.


The match was slow, I really struggled, Stich started well of the lead and pellets on peg 17 and Jason Morries also on peg 37.  For us on our bank it was really tough.  I really struggled to catch on anything, and the first hour small me have one small "stocky" F1 ( first chuck) and a skimmer on the pole.  Oh dear.  So potted in 150 4mms and hoped it would have a positive effect.  Nope.  Looking around the lake, I was going to need 50lb plus to do any good, so I decided not to fish micro and maggots and sit it out on the yellow meat.  First chuck after 15 meters saw me land a 14lber and then second chuck after a long 45 mintues I can another carp, but unfortunately only 6lb.  So chucked it again and after 45 mintues decided to wind it back in empty handed, was gutted.  Shipped out of the pole, where I had been blasting it with 4 mms pellets, saw me catch one F1 on the "tap and rap" and on small F1 on the deck.. That was my match.  

2 carp
3 F1's
2 skimmers
2 pawn sandwiches
2 mars bars
Packet of crisps
And a sun tan.

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