Monday, 25 May 2015

Ivy house lakes

No Peg 41
50lb total weight
29lb silvers
2nd in silvers

7th overall

22 fished the match.

I had a nightmare, my filling fell out ten mintues, lost my first three carp, one pulled out, one to the aerator unsure how the fu#k it got there ( pole bent double and 15 meters of elastic) and the next took me under the next platform.  It hasn't been the best of weeks to be honest, but I stayed charm (no moaning, wheel spinning out car park, or throwing my gear in the lake).   However the next few hours were frustrating, I had two grass carp swimming around taking the pi$$ to be honest.  I couldn't catch them (even stayed on after the fishing match) and still.couldn't catch it.  This Grass Carp is huge, 15lb 10oz when it was last caught!!!

I had a run of skimmers at 7 meters to my right and left on pellets.and a couple of carp.  The biggest shock was I never caught down the edge in the last hour.  Gutted.  I only hooked one and it had to be the smallest carp in the lake, only 1lb mirror carp.

Well done to Des Shipp for winning silvers with a impressive 45lb silvers and Mike Etheridge for winning the match.