Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Colmic Airon F44 pole

I've seen a lot of poles broken on this peg.

Commercial fisheries are becoming more demanding, higher match weights, as 300lb match weights are a common and fish up to 20lb on the pole.   Therefore Colmic have made their poles to cope with these demanding situations.  I have been lucky enough to catch fish up to 19lb and some massive match weights, which broke a few venue records.  What a love about this pole is they are capable of breaking records and not sections.  It is true, "the only thing Colmic poles break is records".

Frank Donachie with some "units" caught down the edge, pulling fish away from snags!!

Glen Picton catching 15lb carp on Colmic F44.

The Airon F44 is equally as good on silvers.  Joints are very hard wearing.  The poles aren't the lightest poles, but this is where the strength comes from and they last, not wear out.  I know, cause I've had mine for 2 years and haven't broke a section!!


16 meter pole 
6 spare top 2's
1 spare 3rd section 
3 dolly butts
1 rod bag
1 years guarantee 

SSP £1800