Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oxford Canal - Kidlington

1lb 8oz (about 65 fish)
Peg 31
36 Fished

The Oxford Canal is one off the narrow canals that I fish. Normally the canal will not exceed to 13 meters and n places is only 8 meters wide. Therefore it is important not to have tight pegging and also be. Areful what you feed and when you feed it.

I have fished the Oxford canal for 10 years and more, I haven't fished it exenstly but I have fished it reasonably amount, twice a year.  Fished NFA reginal match (was lucky came second overall thanks to a lucky Chub), but I've never done a decent bag of roach, whereas Kennet and Avon canal is insane around Marlborogh, Hungerford and Kintbury, and I'm sure I missed out a load of stretches, but these are the ones I know and fish.

Oxford Canal isn't fished like it used to be and therefore we were all in the same boat, none of us know....
The normal approach is to start of bread, and hope to catch skimmers on it early or poissibility of roach on a smaller piece of bread. If you catch roach this is a VERY good sigh, as your joker line will be stronger and hopefully you won't be catching "waspie perch" which will run out.

The next bait on the agenda is Lob Worms (no surprises there). If your lucky enough to catch on bread, and then you go onto catch on lob worms, you should be getting section or framing .  Lob worms are a must in my opinion. Also if you haven't caught on bread. Then you need to pray that your catch on lob worms, otherwise you are in trouble!! As it's very unlikely that you can catch enough joker fish to get into the frame or even get a section win, unless immensely tough.


Colmic Airon F55 Pole.
Damper Elastics 0.8mm
vespe 2 elastic in shallow water.

Perch Rigs

0.165 to 0.125 Stream. 12 N600 hooks to a Colmic 2.5mm elastic. This may seem heavy, but the fish aren't fished for heavily and therefore won't be so line shy. Next week could be lighter.  The elastic MUST BE SENT SPRINKIE, To set the hook. Perch have very boney mouths and you must sent the hook! Otherwise you run the risk of loosing them. And 1lb perch is mega points on any canal match, especially on the Oxford Canal.. 

I had 30 roach in first hour on bread and the next 30 mintues had 16 perch, Ruffe and odd roach. Then 11.36 match was over!! Boat destroyed mine and next doors peg. Sat there for the next 3.5 hours to catch very little, 5oz.   Lob worms let me down!!!!

Peg 31 1lb 8oz
Peg 32 DNW 
Peg 33 1lb 12oz
Peg 34 2lb
Peg 35 2lb 12oz
Peg 36 4lb 11oz

One thing I noticed about the weights was further you walked, the better it was. With the water been so clear, the fish were walked down on this fishing match!!!

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