Sunday, 30 November 2014

Manor Farm Leisure - Round 1

  • Peg 38 Boundary Pool.
  • 30lb 2oz
  • 4 points out of 10 points (not good off the best peg on the lake)
  • Team was 8th? out of 10.

The first round of Manor Farm Leisure winter league saw me on Boundary Pool 38, Big Frank on peg 22 Middle Pool and Glen Picton on peg 16 Island.

I got the peg I wanted, this is my favourite peg on the lake, as this is the middle of the lake which is where normally the fish shoal up.  However, today wasn't my day, was disappointed not to catch on the straight lead, or feeder and the waggler.  This was concerning as the only productive method was the long pole. I wish I got blinkered and fished a tidy match on the pole for 4.5 hours and waited for bites, as the peg was worth 50lb and not 30lb!!!  I had skimmers up to 2lb and a few 10oz's and 4 F1's.  Lost one carp down the edge, which was foul hooked!!!
Mistakes (lessons learned)
Should of fished lead into the middle of the lake for the first 30 minutes, like most people.....
Then fished the pole all match long and cute.
Should of feed 2mm pellet and corn down the edge and not maggots.


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