Friday, 31 October 2014

Colmic 2014

I haven't been to the Colmic factory since 2012, which was when I was first introduced to Colmic.  My boss, Francesco had invited me across, and few of the over lads (Jamie, Brian the snorer Clarke, Shaun and Gus) They arrived on Monday, but because of work, I didn't arrive until evening Tuesday as Gus did.  Tuesday was the fishing day! With was gutting, as they caught some catfish, which is one fish I have never caught!!   The guys picked me up from Incia.

The fishing in Tuscany for a feature. They have been using the T9 Quaser Pole (this pole is a must see, also extensions should be coming in 2015). Jamie had caught carp up to 20lb on this pole for this feature and also had hard fighting catfish.   Brian had been using the new feeder rods.   Tom from Pole Fishing was there filming and the publication will be out in January issue of Pole fishing.

I was excited to see the new products that they had to offer. Especially the new range of feeder rods, luggage and some of new Colmic poles, as they done nothing less than impress me so far.   Please don't be thinking this is a basis opinion, as I wouldn't use anything that isn't up to standard, the people that know me would vouch for that.

The Colmic Karper pole landed a huge Catfish which weighed an immense 132lb!!  As far as we know this is the biggest fish EVER to be landed on a fishing pole. I don't know this for a fact, as the world is a big place! 

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