Saturday, 20 September 2014

Swindon Go On Tour 2014

This is the fourth year that I'm off to Whiteacres with the Swindon lads. This is an annual event for us, and some of the lads have been going for years.  The fishing is always going to be tough, as it's a very busy week, therefore it's a case whereby every peg is in, and therefore you need some luck!!! Or in my case a lot of luck.

We fish matches everyday and also we do random pairs within our group, which is also good for some banter.

Peg 1
48lb 14oz
3rd on lake
6th overall
32 fished

Random Pairs winners was BIG and Little Baz.

Gold - Whiteacres 

Peg 6 twin oaks
Won section
70+ fished

Random Pairs winners were Magoo and Neil Richards.


Peg 38
36lb 5oz
2nd on lake
28 fished

Mick Lane and Skully won the random pairs.

Big Baz won the festival.


82lb 8oz
Peg 54
Won section
2nd overall
20 fished

Neil Richards won the match with 86lb

Myself and Liam won the random pairs

Teams of 3 was won by Neil Richards, Skully and Stich.


Peg 6 Jenny's
26lb 6oz
No good
37lb won the lake
180+ fished

Mick Lane and Alan Skully won the pairs.



Peg 33
(Got knocked back on 2 nets)
Won lake
Won section
3rd overall
38 fished

There is something about Bolingey that seems to get almost everybody excited. I have only draw the right hand lake and done it again today. So 3 visits to Bolingey and 3 times on the same lake.

I started short, at 5 meters on slop feeding 4mms and fishing hard 6mm on the hook. Which resulted in a couple of F1 carp and 2 small carp. So moved out to 14 meters where I pinned pellets once the 5 meter line began to die. So this resulted in some beautiful grass carp and F1's which turned out to be a lot heavier than I realised as this net went 75lb, and only counted 60lb. Weight limit's are 60lb for the welfare of the fish, so I did apologise to Andy Dare (manager of the fishery) and then went over in my second net, by 8lb.  Lucky enough I put a third net in on my last fish, as I was concerned that I could be close!!! That 6lber went 9lb! Wow. So weighed in 129lb. 2nd place was 129lb 2oz. Serves me right, I had four nets behind me, no excuse.  

The people that frame get a prize from Garbolino, which I gave back and asked if he would donate it to the kids.

  1. 154lb won it.
  2. 129lb 2oz
  3. 129lb

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