Sunday, 7 September 2014

Swan Open. Radcot and Clainfield

  • Peg 29 Radcot
  • 9lb 6oz
  • 4th overall
  • 2nd in section


Drawing Peg 29 Radcot was a blessing, as Paz came third off it last week with 13lb roach. So I was looking forward to getting to my peg and hopefully catching a load of roach.  However, Mr Ballard warned me of the Punt boater..... so I kitted up to my left, same as Paz did last week.    
I was warned that i may get some hassle from boaters, swimmers, dog walkers, people etc from some of the locals.  The issue this peg is on sandy bar, full of gravel and shallower, hence why its full of fish!!!  However this makes it easy for swimmers and dog swimmers etc to come down!!
I cupped in some groundbait at 9 meters in the flow, 5 balls of Colmic F1 groundbait.  And then bait dropped some worms and casters at 14 meters down the peg, near some reeds and weed, but it had a steady amount of flow.  So fancied that for some "Billies" (perch).

My match started really well, as I caught 8 net fish in as many runs.  20 mintues had gone, so went on the chop line, which was a difficult descisoin, as i'm coming off feeding fish, but again 6 puts result in 6 perch, up to a 1lb.  THIS was unreal as 40 mintues of my fishing match had gone and I had 5lb, so went back onto grounbait line after topping the chop line up and caught a few tiny fish.  Was fading a little, then the hassle began at 12 oclock after three dogs swimmers, one female swimmer and then four swimmers later one.   this was testing anybodies patience.  I had to tell one group to "have some consideration for others" and lucky enough they left after that and did apologise.   I don't think people realise the value of the gear and how big the river is! Why do it where someone is fishing???  I can't help where i'm placed and isn't the river for everyone to enjoy?!

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