Sunday, 28 September 2014

Abingdon and Culham- River Thames

  • Peg 35 flyer.
  • 2lb 6oz
  • no good.
  • 52 fished

Even Gary Pook couldn't help me catch

This fishing match was always going to be tough for most people today. The river was almost like a lake, no flow, bright sunshine, low and clear. This is without no question a recipe for a hard match.
I've had a good run on the river, so can't complain as i have picked up money on every river match this season until today (6 out of 7)!

I think I was due a blow out. I hope this is my last one!?  We have another 5 weeks of river matches, badly need some rain!!

  1. Bobby Stewart 21lb 9oz
  2. Martin Phipps 17lb 15oz
  3. John Talyor 17lb 10z
  4. Gary Barclay 13lb 7oz 
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