Sunday, 17 November 2013

Oxford Winter League - Round 4

  • F5
  • 8lb 1oz (170 roach - 1 10oz perch)
  • 3rd section (won by default)
  • Team was 2nd (Lost by a point)

    Once I got my "head down" I caught over 60 fish in a hour short lining.  My counter (Sam Nobbs) lost count, so I'm not 100%.  Fishing 6 sections and not breaking the pole down is very effective.  I am a little out of practice, as I have focused a lot of attention on carping, so took a battering from Martin Phipps and Darren Wright, who both had 10lb.  The problem was that I spent too much time trying to catch these Avington perch, and only had one 10oz perch.  The problem is that I made an commitment to try and catch these perch, then you find that if you don't, which I didn't, you will and do fall behind in the fish race.   
I should of fished for little fish.  Bad mistake, which cost my team mates (sorry)
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