Saturday, 16 November 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool

  • Peg 2
  • 68lb
  • 13 people fished

Middle Pool is incredible, as we have had some very cold snaps in the week and yet Neil McKinnon manages to catch 142lb 4oz in the middle of November.  Middle Pool is very good in the middle, don't ask me why but the year tend to sit in the middle of the lake.  Pegs 25,26,27,5,6,7,8. 

I drew Peg 2, which seems to be a good area for F1's normally with odd carp at the moment.  So decided to fish out and out pole attack for these F1 carp.   I felt that the lake was a little clear to catch down the edge, so feed in 3 foot in water, didn't catch down the edge.   No one caught down the edge.

The start of the match was good, caught small stamp of F1's 10oz to 1lb. I reckon I had about 40 F1's and 2 carp, so I had plenty of bites for an enjoyable day.

Open match results – Saturday 16th November – Middle Pool

1st NEIL McKINNON              142-4-0
Preston Peg 6
2nd STEVE RICH                       95-0-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 25
3rd CHRIS TELLING                  68-12-0
Colmic Peg 2
4th STEVE PARTINGTON         67-0-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 27
5th TONY SHEPHERD                62-6-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 29