Sunday, 3 November 2013

Manor Farm Leisure -Island and Middle Pools

  • Peg 27 Middle
  • 86lb 8oz
  • 1st place
  • 20 fished

Caught mainly small F1's..... this one was one of the bigger ones!!

I was lucky with the draw bag today. The lake fished a lot harder than expected due to the cold wind. Hardly any fish topped, only saw 2 all day, compared to yesterday's free for all!!
Caught steady through the match, caught small stamp of F1's that were stocked a couple of years ago and 7 carp (had a couple 8lber's)

I thought Andy Grimes had beat me off the next peg, as he caught mainly carp, however I was lucky and just pipped him.  Congratulations on your baby girl Andy!

Open Match Results – Sunday 3rd November – Island and Middle Pools

1ST                   CHRIS TELLING                    86-8-0
Colmic Peg 27 Middle
2ND                   ANDY GRIMES                      80-14-0
MFL Peg 25 Middle
3RD                   MICK LANE                          69-14-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 10 Island
4TH                    SHAUN LITTLE                    59-0-0
Map Maryuku Peg 19 Island
5TH                   BILL BRYANT                    58-4-0
Swindon Tribe Peg 21 Middle
6TH                   STEVE SEABOURN               52-12-0
Wye Angling Peg 29 Middle
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