Sunday, 23 September 2012

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary

  • Peg 40
  • 35lb
  • No good.
  • 17 fished
Manor Farm Leisure is one of my favourite venues that I fish. I like the fact you can park behind your peg, so no walking involved and that you can fish what you want (very little bans) and I am lucky enough that it is reasonably local to me, and these are all key factors why I enjoy fishing there.  Also it is full of fish!   

I haven’t fished Manor Farm Leisure much recently due to other matches and now with the return of the Saturday opens (they come back in October) then I will be seeing myself going there a lot more.   Today’s open is on Boundary which in my opinion is the most challenging pool out of all of them.  Also with Boundary, lots of different methods work and need to be flexible.  The “baggin waggler” is without doubt a great method and works very well on this lake and on the whole of the complex.   I will have to get me some of these special floats for next Spring, especially ready for next year’s festival.

I drew peg 40, which I think was a reasonable draw, as the wind was blowing up the lake in my direction.  However, we all seemed to struggle around me, I caught plenty of small skimmers on Pellets, but couldn’t catch enough F1’s or carp and maybe to be honest I think I was way too negative and should of feed a lot more bait?!  However, after speaking to Neil (match winner) he said that he fed very little, so to be honest came away a little confused on what I should of done differently.  So will look forward to the next match on Boundary to see if I can sort something out, as I do feel that the peg was worth a lot more than 35lb!!

F1 fighting really hard on light elastic


19lb of small skimmers was enoyable, not no where near 47lb!

Match Results – Sunday 23rd September – Boundary Pool

1st NEIL McKINNON 73-0-0
Preston Peg 34
2nd PAUL CASSON 63-13-0
Ted Carter Preston Peg 17
Littleton A C Peg 36

Well done to Neil for winning