Sunday, 16 September 2012

Larford Lakes MFS

Day One

  • Peg 32 Specimen (after some fun and games)
  • 41lb
  • 5th in my 15 peg section

Day Two

  • Peg 56 Match
  • 51lb
  • 4th in my section

Day one saw me draw the specimen lake, which is my favourite lake on Larford lakes as when that float goes under you never know what it could be!!!  It could be a 4oz skimmer for a 20lb carp.  I was a little disappointed with peg 32, as the wind is blowing the other way and normally, not always, this can be difficult area and fish do tend to follow the wind which will make it a tougher. 

The match was tough, and I wish I fished chop worm and caster all match, as this cost me frame place in my section, as 70lb won the section and the bream did feed really well, and looking for a carp down the edge did waste time.  I feel that I fished my edge line in too shallow water and should of looked for 2.5 ft of water.  So lesson learned.  Should of fished for bream earlier in the match and fished my edge peg in slightly deeper water.

Day two on the match lake, which I was looking foward to, as I haven't fished the match lake for a few years so was keen to get going.  It was enjoyable match, caught 35lb of skimmers and the rest F1's and small common carp.

Thanks to Andy Kinder for running the match and all the other guys that made it happen.

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