Sunday, 17 June 2012

Solhampton - Valley

  • Peg 10
  • 118lb 10oz (32lb of skimmers, tench and rudd)
  • 3rd
  • 12 fished

I haven’t been to Solhampton since the May Festival, which for me was a disaster, so was keen to catch some fish.  We were on Valley tonight and there was a club match on it.  So looking around the lake, Valley was fishing hard with little action.  I helped Burgess with weigh in, and the top end of the lake was difficult and 98lb and a few 60lb’s few down the bottom of the lake where the wind was blowing into.     So I hoped to be down the bottom of the lake, nope peg 10 and so kitted up three margin rigs and three rigs at 4 and 5 meters.  That was it.  Evening match was going to fish pellets, corn and worms down the edge if things proved to be difficult.  My worm mix included fishery micro pellet, chopped corn and of course worms, but the worms were big chunks and not minced.

Got off to a flying start at 4 meters in three foot of water, the first hour saw me catch between 55lb and 60lb whereas the rest of match saw me struggle a little and caught fish in spells.  At 7.30pm I had six small carp in six casts and again gone......  strange night.  Was surprised that I had over 100lb and felt that I had maximum of 90lb.  So was pleased with the result, but disappointed to get beaten by Karl “top bagger” Stephens by 3lb.  Only wanted one more fish!

Top 6

1.       133lb 4oz             D. Harrison
2.       121lb 8oz             K Stephens     
3.       118lb 10oz           C. Telling            
4.       91lb                       A. Croowhaw    
5.       76lb 10oz             M.Wall                 
6.       68lb 2oz               P.Bailey   

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