Wednesday, 6 June 2012

2012 - 2013


I'm lucky to be now to be sponsored by Colmic.  I went across to Italy  to look around the factory earlier in the year and helped with the UK catalogue which is now out.  Vespe also still support me which I am very grateful for. 
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County Champs

The county champs has changed its format this year as there no semi final and the top 3 of each county go through.  I would like to fish the final, so need to pull my finger out as my point score is a little low at the moment.   A few anglers haven’t registered yet in my county, so their scores are unknown to the public, but I would imagine they would have a high scores.  Our super league has started so will have good size matches each week so hopefully will be able to boost my score.
You can see the scores each week in the Angling Times or see their link

Team Fishing

After fishing for Gordon League for a couple of seasons I have decided to go back to my old team, Drennan Oxford, which is now called Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths.  It is nice to be back with my old team mates which hasn’t seen hardly any changes in two years.  The team has had four new signing’s for 2012/2013 season which is myself, Tom Hobbs, Steve Walters and Paul Glenfield which will strengthen an already good team.    The reason for me leaving is I do miss some of the venues, some of the members which I have learnt a lot off over the years and continue to and especially bloodworm fishing.  I have felt a little stagnate for the last couple of years and falling out with Steve Ford was enough to tip the boat for me to leave as well.   I would like to thank Mark Tresure, who does do a good job of running the team and I wish him all the success in the future.

Looking forward to Super League and hopefully will fish the final again, as I did three years ago.  Also we have Turner 400 and Thames Champs on Upper Thames, the Thames Champs is something I’ve always wanted to win as a team.  Then we move onto the winter league, so hopefully we can do well in this league and the semi’s and maybe even the final

Big Money Finals

Last year saw me almost get into Fish O Mania final again as I was second at Tunnel Barn Farm.  I only have one ticket left this year at Lindholme which is a 300 pegger!  I had one other ticket which saw me fish Larford Lakes and only managed to win my section of 11kg of roach. 
I have bought three Maver Match this, which is two at Larford and the other is Tunnel Barn Farm.  So fingers and toes crossed.

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