Wednesday, 20 June 2012


  • Peg 14
  • 180lb (77lb of skimmers)
  • 1st
  • 13 fished
John Bennett with 17lb common carp

Rolfs lake was covered in carp and swimming around in big groups and with very little ripple on the lake, this could prove to be a hard match. So will plan to catch hopefully a early carp or two and then target skimmers for the middle of the match and if catch them well will try and do the magic ton! The bream are on average 2lb 8oz and there are a few biggers ones(4 lbers). Also be aware that the fish are weighing in light as they have just spawned. So i'm looking for 35 to 40 bream to do the magic ton. Also I don't want to get small fish fever, as the end of the day this is a carp lake and can be a baggin lake with 300lb weights to win!
So started on pellets and went straight out to the 13 meters with only a toss pot of 4mm pellet in hope of a very early carp, after a couple of minutes I had a bream and then a foul hooked 12lb 12oz common carp that gave me one hell of a fight. After an hour I had 7 bream and 1 carp and looking around the lake people were struggling. Therefore decided to start feeding my other lines, as primarily I wanted to focus all my strengths on one line. So fed a chop worm line, with chopped corn, a few casters and 4mm pellet that have soaked up all the worm juice and therefore mounds into a bit of a ball which sinks much faster. I've have tried it with groundbait, but get millions of roach and small skimmers in the past. I think this is best, but open to suggestions and will keep trying new things to see if I can come up with something that could be more effective. But the biggest issue is that carp came into the peg, which isn't a bad thing when they are 16lb and 15lb, but they do bully the bream out of the way. It was a strange and frustrating night, as some of the bites were the smallest of indications, which I think were due to the bright sunshine and still conditions.

I was pleased to beat my 75lb of skimmers by 2lb. But do feel that there is 100lb plus shoal of bream waiting for someone and also a very good chance of doing 400lb of carp, which I would love to do, as I haven't quite got there yet. Also in the winter I know my team mate Steve Walters and Phil Powell (dawg) do good weights of roach! So this year at Rolfs I would like to do 100lb of bream, 400lb of Carp and 40lb of roach in the winter.

The carp messed up the skimmer lines....... 

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