Thursday, 8 December 2011

Round 5 of Angling Trust Winterleague

Today's winner Nigel Franks, with an impressive bag of fish

Round 5 Angling Trust Winter League
After fishing Sunday’s Open, I couldn’t wait until next week’s winter league and was lucky enough to be fishing the Wednesdays midweek match.  I even went onto win the midweek match with 8lb 9oz and my team mate Neil Richards (who is on fire at the moment) was 2nd 7lb.  However, I couldn’t make the round as I went to Cypruss on a last minute deal, and when I wrote this is was article I was by the pool in 20oc with a beer.  Awesome, but I did feel lost, as it was Sunday and for once I wasn’t fishing, and if anybody knows me I am anorak when it comes to fishing and will go whatever the weather or venue is.

I spoke to most of team mates on the phone and things looked promising as we seemed to have a pretty fair draw.  Andy Pollard was on the end peg at the wharf, which was a fair draw, but the bay end was going to be better for bonus fish.  Team Captain was end peg at Potters and therefore a section win was on the cards (which happened, well done Mark)  Couple of the another guys had drawl well and there was a buzz in the air, despite me been in Gatwick Airport 150 miles away.  However, when i was in the bar in Cypruss, I discovered that we were second place and Devizes had won the Match by two points and GBMV were third.

To make matters worse I’m going to miss the final round on the River, but to be honest I can’t see GBMV been beat for the league as they are impressive 4 points clear and we are 3 points clear of Devizes, which without tempting fate, we should be ok.

Section Location
A1Colmic TailismanGlyn Loveday39.54Wolfhall. Rhs of Bridge
A2Devizes MGNigel Baker49.56
A3Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Kimber577
A4Mosella Lobby'sJohn Tocknell415
A5Cotswold AnglingChris Rust171
A6Browning AndoverLes Thirlaway1112
A7Garbolino BMVWill Bonnie2103
B1Colmic TailismanVince Grillo24.81
B2Devizes MGDave Clapton2112
B3Diawa Gordon LeaguePhil Stone3114
B4Mosella Lobby'sAndy Jayne353
B5Cotswold AnglingJoe Thompson456
B6Browning AndoverBen Bentley3155
B7Garbolino BMVSimon Hebditch6157
C2Devizes MGNigel Franks18137Crofton. Wires to Lock
C3Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Saunders814
C4Mosella Lobby'sGary Townsend623
C5Cotswold AnglingGerry Cambridge481
C6Browning AndoverJohn Dewbury113.55
C7Garbolino BMVRichard Chave5142
C1Colmic TailismanMick Gale1726
D3Diawa Gordon LeagueAndy Pollard465Great Bedwyn Wharf. Oak tree to bay
D4Mosella Lobby'sAndy Richins1101
D5Cotswold AnglingDave Parminter404
D6Browning AndoverDave George3133
D7Garbolino BMVSteve Nadin6156
D1Colmic TailismanAlan Brown3133
D2Devizes MGGary Williamson1007
E4Mosella Lobby'sSean Bryan343Potters. Overflow to wires (bend)
E5Cotswold AnglingGraham Cherry232
E6Browning AndoverDave Tucker171
E7Garbolino BMVSteve Long4104
E1Colmic TailismanJohn Bohane50.55
E2Devizes MGJames Carty566
E3Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Treasure847
F5Cotswold AnglingDavid Read75.86Iron Bridge.
F6Browning AndoverSteve Pierce28.51
F7Garbolino BMVJamie Cox43.53
F1Colmic TailismanPete Townsend49.54
F2Devizes MGRobbie Kepner5145
F3Diawa Gordon LeagueMartin Howard2112
F4Mosella Lobby'sIan Wheeldon797
G5Cotswold AnglingFred Parker111
G6Browning AndoverBarry Giles3143
G7Garbolino BMVMichael Berntsen2142
G1Colmic TailismanDave Johnson46.54
G2Devizes MGKevin Rowles717
G3Diawa Gordon LeagueMartin Price485
G4Mosella Lobby'sAndy Price4116
H6Browning AndoverPhil Harland3134Little Bedwyn. Cottages to bay+1
H7Garbolino BMVGary Etheridge4125
H1Colmic TailismanKeith Daniels2131
H2Devizes MGAdam Carter7157
H3Diawa Gordon LeagueDaniel Smith3113
H4Mosella Lobby'sDerek Jarman596
H5Cotswold AnglingEamonn Byrne39.52
J7Garbolino BMVRichie Tomola64.56Little Bedwyn roadside. Boundary to elder bush
J1Colmic TailismanMick Nowicki36.53
J2Devizes MGAdrian McTiffin4124
J3Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Brush6147
J4Mosella Lobby'sAndy Powell5125
J5Cotswold Angling0000
J6Browning AndoverStu Dabbs2102
K7Garbolino BMVRob Randell566
K1Colmic TailismanAndy Burns51.55
K2Devizes MGPaul Andrews2103
K3Diawa Gordon LeagueNeil Richards677
K4Mosella Lobby'sCharlie Valender4114
K5Cotswold Angling0000
K6Browning AndoverGerry Blunt282

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