Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Manor Farm- Island Pool

  • 24/12/11
  • Peg 21
  • 30lb
  • 6 carp and 4 F1's
  • Section Win
Steve Fords Yellow meat worked really well, as others around me struggled for a bite.

Peg weights

4   120lb
6   74lb
8   40lb
13  60lb
15  26lb
17  DNW
19  DNW
21 30lb
24 DNW
26 30lb
32 34lb
34 31lb
36 30lb

  • 22/12/11
  • Peg 15
  • 88lb 8oz
  • About 18 fish
  • 8lb Ghostie was the biggest fish
  • Section Win and 2nd overall
I fished Steve Fords yellow meat on the bomb at 35 meters.

Steve Ford's "magic yellow meat"
My first keepnet had one small F1 and six carp for 47lb.  The fish were a lot heavier than I thought, as I told everyone that I had about 50lb......... err way out!  Sorry
1ST ANDY BEASLEY                   102-4-0
RAF Peg 6 Island
2ND CHRIS TELLING                    88-8-0 Peg 15 Island
3RD FRED PARKER                      41-6-0
BCA Swindon Peg 22 Middle
21 fished

  • Peg 33
  • 40lb
  • 2nd overall
Caught fish on the pole and pellet, cage feeder at 30 meters with pellet and had a couple of good sized carp on Steve Ford's yellow meat.  Steve even won't tell me what is in it!
Been cold for last few days, so in for a tough day.

My friend for the day......

Drennan Carp Hair Riggers are great hooks and some Korum Bait stops

Steve Ford's "magic yellow meat"
Match Results-Thursday 24th November-Island Pool-Affordable Open

1st   Alan Wilson 49-8-0
Platt Bridge Angling Peg 7
2nd Chris Telling 40-10-0
 Vespe   Peg 33
3rd Derrick Hillier 40-8-0
B C A Swindon Peg 6

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