Monday, 12 December 2011

Angling Trust Winter League, Round 6

Section Location
A1Diawa Gordon LeagueSteve Ford000Westinghouse drain to line of trees. (Chippenham)
A2Cotswold AnglingChris Rust214
A3Mosella Lobby'sAndy Price57.56
A4Garbolino BMVGary Etheridge495
A5Browning AndoverStu Dabbs75.57
A6Devizes MGAdam Carter1103
A7Colmic TailismanPhil Bendle1110
B2Cotswold AnglingGary Davis636Line of Trees to Black Wall (Chippenham)
B3Mosella Lobby'sDerek Jarman274
B4Garbolino BMVRichie Tomola1142
B5Browning AndoverPhil Harland091
B6Devizes MGAdrian McTiffin213
B7Colmic TailismanAlan Brown8117
B1Diawa Gordon LeaguePhil Stone505
C3Mosella Lobby'sAndy Powell052Brambles to Blue Bridge (Chippenham)
C4Garbolino BMVRob Randell27.55
C5Browning AndoverLes Thirlaway0113
C6Devizes MGPaul Andrews3157
C7Colmic TailismanJohn Bohane2136
C1Diawa Gordon LeagueMartin Howard204
C2Cotswold AnglingTony Scott160
D4Garbolino BMVSimon Hebditch205Golf Course (Chippenham)
D5Browning AndoverGerry Blunt06.53
D6Devizes MGRobin Guy134
D7Colmic TailismanPete Townsend396
D1Diawa Gordon LeagueBrian Pollard5127
D2Cotswold Angling0000
D3Mosella Lobby'sCharlie Valender000
E5Browning AndoverDave Tucker517Park (Chippenham)
E6Devizes MGDave Clapton112
E7Colmic TailismanDave Johnson254
E1Diawa Gordon LeagueAndy Pollard2125
E2Cotswold Angling0000
E3Mosella Lobby'sAndy Jayne386
E4Garbolino BMVKev Abigale243
F6Devizes MGNigel Franks365Beanacre (Melksham)
F7Colmic TailismanMick Gale082
F1Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Kimber234
F2Cotswold Angling0000
F3Mosella Lobby'sJohn Tocknell183
F4Garbolino BMVRichard Chave3477
F5Browning AndoverDave George426
G7Colmic TailismanMick Nowicki01.52Forest (Melksham)
G1Diawa Gordon LeagueAlan Jones8147
G2Cotswold Angling0000
G3Mosella Lobby'sM. Pollard1114
G4Garbolino BMVSteve Nadin205
G5Browning AndoverBen Bentley073
G6Devizes MGGary Williamson40.56
H1Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Treasure295Portman Road, Top  & Middle (Melksham)
H2Cotswold Angling0000
H3Mosella Lobby'sSean Bryan3117
H4Garbolino BMVSteve Long174
H5Browning AndoverSteve Pierce04.52
H6Devizes MGJames Carty29.56
H7Colmic TailismanMark Hows14.53
J2Cotswold AnglingJoe Thompson143Portman road bottom & Scotland road (Melksham
J3Mosella Lobby'sIan Wheeldon000
J4Garbolino BMVJamie Cox194
J5Browning AndoverBarry Giles132
J6Devizes MGRobbie Kepner4127
J7Colmic TailismanKeith Daniels3106
J1Diawa Gordon LeagueNeil Richards3106
K3Mosella Lobby'sTim Frampton000Scotland road & park (Melksham)
K4Garbolino BMVMichael Berntsen59.55
K5Browning AndoverJohn Dewbury46.54
K6Devizes MGKevin Rowles786
K7Colmic TailismanPete Collins263
K1Diawa Gordon LeagueIan Shepherd16147
K2Cotswold AnglingGerry Cambridge000

1Richard ChaveGarbolino BMV347
2Ian ShepherdDiawa Gordon League1614
3Alan JonesDiawa Gordon League814
4Alan BrownColmic Tailisman811
5Kevin RowlesDevizes MG78
6Stu DabbsBrowning Andover75.5
7Gary DavisCotswold Angling63
8Brian PollardDiawa Gordon League512
9Michael BerntsenGarbolino BMV59.5
10Andy PriceMosella Lobby's57.5
1stStu DabbsBrowning Andover75.5
2ndAndy PriceMosella Lobby's57.5
3rdGary EtheridgeGarbolino BMV49
4thChris RustCotswold Angling21
1stAlan BrownColmic Tailisman811
2ndGary DavisCotswold Angling63
3rdPhil StoneDiawa Gordon League50
4thDerek JarmanMosella Lobby's27
1stPaul AndrewsDevizes MG315
2ndJohn BohaneColmic Tailisman213
3rdRob RandellGarbolino BMV27.5
4thMartin HowardDiawa Gordon League20
1stBrian PollardDiawa Gordon League512
2ndPete TownsendColmic Tailisman39
3rdSimon HebditchGarbolino BMV20
4thRobin GuyDevizes MG13
1stDave TuckerBrowning Andover51
2ndAndy JayneMosella Lobby's38
3rdAndy PollardDiawa Gordon League212
4thDave JohnsonColmic Tailisman25
1stRichard ChaveGarbolino BMV347
2ndDave GeorgeBrowning Andover42
3rdNigel FranksDevizes MG36
4thMark KimberDiawa Gordon League23
1stAlan JonesDiawa Gordon League814
2ndGary WilliamsonDevizes MG40.5
3rdSteve NadinGarbolino BMV20
4thM. PollardMosella Lobby's110.5
1stSean BryanMosella Lobby's311
2ndJames CartyDevizes MG29.5
3rdMark TreasureDiawa Gordon League29
4thSteve LongGarbolino BMV17
1stRobbie KepnerDevizes MG412
2ndKeith DanielsColmic Tailisman310
3rdNeil RichardsDiawa Gordon League310
4thJamie CoxGarbolino BMV19
1stIan ShepherdDiawa Gordon League1614
2ndKevin RowlesDevizes MG78
3rdMichael BerntsenGarbolino BMV59.5
4thJohn DewburyBrowning Andover46.5

Top weight in today’s final round was Richard Chave (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) with a chub weight of 34lb 7oz. Rich was drawn on the noted cattle drink peg at Beanacre on Melkshams water, and got off to a unfortunate start by losing two chub in succession on a light pinkie rig. A change to a heavier set-up saw a string of good chub coming to the net with the best topping out at nearly 4lb. Rich caught at 14m using double & triple maggot or bits of worm fishing across the river to a far bank bush. Second place went to Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) who had a nice bag of roach & hybrids for 16lb 14oz. Ian drew the park section in Melksham and caught on bread at 13m.
On the team front, Garbolino Blackmore Vale sealed their pick of the unknown semi final venues with a third place on the day - this still saw them win the league with a 2 point advantage. Winners on the day were Daiwa Gordon League with 50 points and they also took second overall place in the league.
Results:1. R Chave, Garbolino BMV, 34-7-0; 2. I Shepherd, Diawa Gordon League, 16-14-0; 3. A Jones, Diawa Gordon League, 8-14-0; 4. A Brown, Colmic Tailisman, 8-11-0; 5. K Rowles, Devizes MG, 7-8-0; 6. S Dabbs, Browning Andover, 7-5-8; 7. G Davis, Cotswold Angling, 6-3-0; 8. B Pollard, Diawa Gordon League, 5-12-0;
Team Points: 1 Diawa Gordon League,  50;  2 Devizes MG,  49;  3 Garbolino BMV,  45;  4 Colmic Tailisman,  39;  5 Browning Andover,  38;  6 Mosella Lobby's,  32;  7 Cotswold Angling,  13; 
League Points:1 Garbolino BMV, 11; 2 Diawa Gordon League, 13; 3 Devizes MG, 17; 4 Colmic Tailisman, 26; 5 Mosella Lobby's, 27; 6 Browning Andover, 32; 7 Cotswold Angling, 42;

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