Sunday, 20 November 2011

Avington - Open

  • About 1lb 8oz
  • Peg 14
  • Err.... last
  • Well done to Charlie Summerton who had 6lb 1oz 8 Drams (think he would of won the section)

Charlie, whooped my ass again!

Couldn't catch any of my friends (big billies)
Peg 11 5lb 15oz
Peg 12 3lb 10oz
Peg 13 4lb 14oz
Peg 14 1lb 8oz
Peg 15 6lb 1oz 8 drams
Peg 16 not drawn
Peg 17 7lb 14oz
Peg 18 3lb ish
Peg 19lb 3lb ish
Peg 20 3lb 10oz
Considering the canal was 18 inches - 2 foot down.  Lock gates shut and therefore the canal is clear, I think the canal fished really well.  WHY didn't I catch, well I felt I would need 8lb to do any good today and therefore fished for big fish for at three hours of the match and it just didn't happen.  Not sure what I would do if I could fish it again......  My peg was worth 4lb of tiny fish, but been an open I was going to fish very postivily which didn't pay off.

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