Sunday, 6 November 2011

Avington - Ron Benjamin Open

  • Peg 31
  • 5lb 2oz
  • Won section, by default and was 5th overall
  • 40 anglers fished


I have always loved fishing canals since I was a boy, and Avington is one of best I have ever fished!  So when Micky Ellyatt told me that there was an open there, I jumped at the chance.

On arrival to my peg, I noticed it was low and clear, but what worked in my favour was I was lucky enough to be on the end peg, however I was over 200 yards away from the railway bridge which would of been solid and after been on the phone to Micky, he advised me that I could get blown away from the pegs to my left.

My match

I decided to only have one line at 6 meters, in 2 foot of water and felt if I fished the track, it would be too close togther 4 and 6 meter lines would conflict.  So therefore I would feed down the swin, if nothing went to plan (a back up) and I would feed lob worms down the peg, which was 13 meters at a 30 degree angle out of the way. Simple.  Far bank was inches deep and I couldn't see the fish settling there!

I fed my lines, and started at 6 meters after cupping a few balls of G5 groundbait, but it was slow and got rewarded a tiny roach after a long 5 minutes.  So I felt that this needed to settle, and therefore went of my lob worm lines and caught nothing for 30 minutes and went back on my squatt line, and it was steady, but fish very small.  So I kept roatating my lines, and fed a new deep line down the track but it was devoid of fish.  So resting the squatt line to let it settle was a good move, and built it up by feeding squatts regualr.  However the biggest error and cost me a frame place, was me not bringing any bread!!

It a good days fishing, despite the canal been low (18 iches down) and clear, with no boats.  This made it fish really hard.  There was lots of gudgeon and tiny roach to be caught, but they will 40-50 to the pound!  So it was nice to have plenty of bites, and caugt some billies on lob worms late, but they weren't as big as I hoped for! I never gave up on the worm line and topped it up regular.

I won £20 for my section, some got my pools money back (bonus), but was a little gutted to be one out of the money by 6oz.   That bread would of made ALL the difference. 

Thanks to Chris Wilson for running the match and his wife making chilli con carne for us all after the match.

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