Thursday, 14 October 2010

Manor Farm 13/10/10

Middle Pool

Peg 9 on middle today

  • Peg 9
  • Weight 85lb 12oz
  • Match win (11 people fished)
  • Caught on method at 25 meters
The set up was:
  • Dawia Spectron 11 foot quiver (1oz tip)
  • Shimano Twin Power Reel 400
  • 8lb Maxi main line
  • 0.178 vespro hooklengh
  • 14 Gama eyed pellet
  • 6mm banded coarse pellet (F1 Mosella bands)
I had a feeling it would be harder than normal today, but spoke to Jason Cooke and still felt that 100lb would be needed to win, even with the very bright sunshine, little breeze and a lot colder the last few days.  So I felt the pole would score well today, on the bottam with 4mm pellet at 13 meters.  Also the waggler later at 25 meters, I wouldn't start by feeding this line, as I do feel this does hinder and have a negative effect on your long pole line.  However, if it was going to be a "bagfest" then I would feed it from the off.  But "baggin" is off the cards on, and much more steady approach is advised.  So be warned!

I started off by cupping in 50 coarse 4mm pellet at 6 meters and the same amount at 13 meters.  Also planned to go straight onto the long line, as I felt I may seek a few early fish.  However, it took 10 minutes to get a bite that resulted in a foul hooker that come off.  I maintained positive and filled the toss pot full of 4mm pellet.  But Jason Cooke to my right (peg 5) was catching well.  He must have had 3 carp and there was a few anglers catching across the lake, apart from me!  20 minutes had gone and I had my first common carp, about 4lb.  Then I shouted to Jason " hey Jason what you got", and I hand signal of 5, and the guy between us was catching well.....

The first hour saw me have 3 carp (10lb) and I had missed a handful of bites, which was fading away from me.  Gosh, I need to do something, otherwise I am going to add another "blow out" to add to my long list.  I felt the pellet waggler wouldn't work yet, as there wasn't enough fish and also it was too cold.  Therefore, got off my box and quickly put my feeder rod together from the Drennan rod sleeve.  Awesome, took about a minute, time well saved, would recommend to get some if you already don't have any.

I lobed the feeder 25 meters which was loaded with 4mm coarse pellet.  Now normally wouldn't use pellets as they are very filling, but I felt there was lack of F1's in my peg, and the fish that I have caught were all carp.  Therefore, I was going to feed them, if I was catching F1's I would use groundbait as it is less food content.  Now this method, on the "method", was reasonably slow and one thing that I have learnt over the years is to be patient.  So I was lucky enough to get the rod got dragged in for the next couple of hours.  I caught steady, not crazy, but steady.  All the fish were carp between 3lb to 6lb, which is a good size.  Think, I only need 20 5lbers and I have my magic ton!  So, I don't need many fish to build a weight, as I was so surprised with my weight of 85lb at the end of the match.  What made it worse was my shocking spilt of fish as I had 27lb in one net and 58lb in another (sorry Dave). 


4mm pellet was soaked in water, now this is important, as they need to be molded around the feeder almost in their original form.  So you need to add enough water to achieve this, which will take a "trial and error" approach and will depend on your batch of pellet.  Skretting coarse pellet does vary, I find the dustie grey colour seems to be best.  Ensure you don't squeeze the pellet too hard around the method feeder, another wise you have paste around it, which isn't normally any good.

Lessons learnt

The crew weighing in
Adi Davies next to me had 8 carp in the last 40 minutes on the "baggin waggler" and I had only 1 carp!  The temperature lifted and the fish did come up in the water, which I knew they would....... but I couldn't catch on the pellet waggler and messed up my method feeder line as a result.  I loose feed pellet over the top and it didn't work.  Only had two fish on it, which were F1's.  So baggin waggler in Octocber out scored the pellet waggler!  One word about todays match, FLEXIBLE.

Full result, see link