Sunday, 10 October 2010

North Wessex Winter League 10/10/10

Chippenham and Sutton Benger

  • Team was 8th on the day.
  • 9 points out of 14.
  • 2lb 15oz

Cracking looking peg.......... but they all looked nice to my right

At the draw

Everybody feared the draw at Sutton Benger, as it is a long, long walk.  There was three sections at Sutton Benger and three sections at Chippenham.  So I was lucky draw as Chippenham, so no heart attack walk, however really  stuggled to catch and caught almost everything in the first hour and ten minutes.

The match.

After plumbing the various rigs, I discover that it was 10 foot deep at 14.5 meters and it was reasonably flat there, it did shallow up at a 45 degree angle (1 foot shallow).  There was very little flow.  I run my rig through before the match and it took about 30 seconds to move 1 meter, gosh!  No weed problems unlike last weeks nightmare match.

There was 6 foot at 5 meters, again with very little flow.  So I decided to put three large bait droppers full of chop worm and a few casters at 14.5 meters.  Now, I will stress I always use a spare top for my bait dropper with cable tie. This way I never damage my rig that i going to fish and also I don't lose my bait droppers!!  So ensure your top kits are the same length, so you know that you are fishing directly over your bait.  Then throw six balls of ground bait (50/50 sensas black lake and gros grodon), this had about 100 stunned pinkies and 50 caster and stunned maggots.  Stunned pinkies and maggots are just me rubbing them aggressively between my hands so they don't move, which would break my balls up.

I went straight on the balls are 5 meters and caught very quickly.....awesome 5 ting roach, 8 gudgeon in the same about of casts, was a good start.  Then I saw what I thought was bleak, so picked up my shallow rig, and caught 3 huge bleak (8 to the pound).  Then it went.  So with about 1lb  in the net, in 30 minutes gone, goodish start.  So I didn't need to refeed that line, and went out to 14.5 meters on the chop.  I caught 8 fish in so many casts, just by holding it still against the flow (which wasn't difficult, as lack of it).  Then picked up a rig to run it through and picked up a couple more fish.  10 chop fish for 1lb 10oz, which was 3 perch and 7 small chub.  Then, that was it.......  I caught a few tiny chub (6 to the oz) on the waggler and a couple of  gudgeon.  It was so bad, I couldn't catch.  Started to loose fed at 11 meters, with a beautiful strung rig, which caught nothing.