Sunday, 3 October 2010

Angling Times 03/10/10


  • Weight 2lb 12oz
  • Fourth in my seven peg section
  • Team was sixth out of seven

Ready for action............................. didn't happen the way I expected.

I have fished the river quite a few weeks on the trot, so was updated with steady progress of the river.   However after me moaning that the river is in need of rain, I seemed to get my wish as we have had quite a lot of rain in the week.  The river looked "sock on" and all I hoped is that I would miss Radcot up, as it has been fishing hard.  When Mark read out what sections we were in I discovered that I was Radcot upstream.  Oh well, stay positive.

After plumbing the depth for a while, I discover that the peg is very weedy.  I think the best way to discover weed issues is to put a your a heavy rig on, like you chop worm rig on 3 elastic and a heavy plummet.  Now you can drag it around without fear of loosing your gear.

I did focus all my attention on the pole, seven top 4 kits kitted up.  The rigs were

5 gram sensas bernard.
3 gram lollipop
2 x 1 gram sensas bernard
4x16 and 4x14 pencil float, at full depth for running though??!!!
4x14 pencil float half depth for bleak.