Sunday, 19 May 2019

Spring League. 4th Round. Hungerford

Second in my section
92 fished
4th on my board out of 23.

I tried and failed for a bonus perch early in the deep water.  Then had a quick look on the skimmer line, as these fish tend to feed very early or late.  No bites.  Head down on squatts for a bite a chuck and had quick looks for skimmers, caught 1 about 12oz.  Which gave me false hope.  I should of squatted it all day.... but thought I had a chance of big perch and skimmers.  However, I had another great days fishing this week.

Team wise, we came 8th and 9th overall.  Which is respectable in that field of anglers, but a bit disappointing.  My points weren't great, out of 8 points I had 3, 3, 8 and 7 points.  So average of 5.25 out of 8.  In the individual league I came 22nd out of 92 anglers.... disappointing.

Thanks to Ditch for running the league.  Great job.  Also John Williams for pegging it.  For me, I wont fish the league next year as I feel I struggle to compete against the canal lads and also the canal this time of year is brutal.  Great if you on them, but very tough to stay motivated if your not..... when I saw anglers win sections with 9oz's... time for me to stay away.


Sensas K and A Spring League Round 4 at Hungerford-Marsh, Church, Tavern and upper and lower Dunmill. (90 pegs)
This match was fished in good conditions with little wind and the canal had a nice colour and near double figures were needed to frame.
Winner on the day was Paul Giddings (Matrix Talismen Yellow) who drew towards the end of lower Dunmill and caught 6 Bream and a couple of Perch on chopped worm and casters to weigh 13-9.
Runner Up was Matrix Talismen Purple’s Arran Pickett who drew A1 at the Marsh and caught Skimmers and big Roach on casters at 13m to weigh 12-4.
3rd: Andy Gregory (Drennan Bordon Blue)- 11-13
4th: Pete Phillips (Matrix Talismen Purple)- 10-7
5th: Alan Donnelly (Daiwa Dorking)- 10-4
6th: Simon Drew (Drennan Bordon  Pink)- 9-7

Results on the day
Drennan Bordon Blue won the day with 30 points
Daiwa Dorking second with 29
Drennan Bordon Pink in third with 25.
4th: Garbolino BV Marine- 24
5th: Sensas A4 Black- 24
6th: Sensas West Sussex- 24.

Final standings are;

Drennan Bordon Blue are the 2019 league winners with 104 points, winning £1000 and prizes.
Daiwa Dorking in second with 100 points winning £700.
3rd: Garbolino BV Gold- 94. (£400)
4th: Garbolino BV Marine- 87 (3 section wins)(£200)
5th: PI Thatchers Sonubaits- 87 (2 section wins)
6th: Sensas West Sussex- 86.

Individual winner was Liam Bradell 32 points.
2nd: Steve Pawson (A4 Black)- 31
3rd: Andy Gregory (Drennan Bordon Blue)- 29
4th: Brett Cooper (Drennan Bordon Blue)- 27

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