Sunday, 31 December 2017

Manor farm leisure- All lakes

Peg 4 Middle Pool
3rd Overall
29 fished

After Christmas all the Angling Trust winter leagues have finished and frees up some time, so will start going to Manor Farm Leisure more for the next few months.

A nice turn out, 29 anglers on the match, and Dave (owner) has spread us all over the complex, which is great, plenty of room.   I draw peg 4 Middle Pool, which is apparently a "good area" at the moment, despite yesterday's open on Middle was a lake win with 12lb from peg 23...

With the wind in our the faces, it was going to be struggle to present the bait.  The pole was a little unproductive and should of chucked the lead earlier and waited... I was lucky and caught 4 fish down the edge in last 45 mintues and lost a 8lb foul hooked in the belly....  I had 11 fish for 48lb, 4 carp and 7 F1's.

Manors weights