Sunday, 16 April 2017

Rolfs Lake - Easter Festival

My annual visit to Rolfs Lake Easter Festival.

Day 1
Peg 2
61lb 110z
4th in section.

A bit gutted, 2oz cost me a point and 1lb 15oz cost me another... Last hour never out a fish in the net. Lost 1 carp, which could be costly.

Caught all my fish down the edge, 14.5 meters, with dead maggots.

Fished 0.3 gram Colmic Sky Float.
0.188 Colmic F1 Spider Line
14 Carp match
2.5mm Colmic hollow 

Day 2
Peg 30
47lb 13oz
4th in section.
Festival over

Dunno what to say....  Malc caught at 2 meters on paste and Mick caught down his edge, and a few short and shallow.  Couldn't catch.  Paste at 2 meters has OPENED my eyes.  I got truly batter either side.

Day 3
140lb 11oz
Won section
Won match

Running late, the joy of two jobs, but was pleased to here that I had an END PEG FLYER, so some luck today.  Caught shallow at 16 meters of my Colmic Airon F66 pole, had one fish that was 18lb common, which was a test and the last 50 minutes I had 6 down the edge and another 18lber, hooked in the anal fin, and oh my god, the pole was bent double, thought it was going to go bang.... however, had to pull hard to remove it from the edge.  New F66 pole, ticks every box. Nice to end on a high note.

Gear used
edge rig

0.5 Colmic Sky
0.209 F1 Colmic Spider Line
14 carp match
3mm hollow

Shallow rig
Jon walker zero rig
0.188 F1 Spider
0.165 Stream
18 carp match
2.5mm hollow

Came 6th overall and 2oz has cost me a point and 4th overall. However, won todays match with 140lb. Fish up to 18lb. A real test for my Colmic Airon F66 pole, especially using man's gear down the edge. (3mm hollow and 0.21 spider line).

1st Michael Corsini
2nd Mark Newbold...
3rd Andrew Quarmby
4th Michael Lane
5th Kev Simpson

We done fellers.
So many thanks to John Bennett and Pauline for running a fantastic event

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