Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hill View Lakes

Peg 1
No good (7th)
19 fished

A little disappointed with the draw, Peg 1 hasn't had any form for while.  So take the rough with the smooth, was thinking of not fishing but you never know?!  Helped Liam with the ice breaking, as my peg was completely clear.

Simple match for me as its a corner peg and with 19 in, I am going to get cut off, so therefore it's a pole only match.  So out came the Colmic Airon F66 pole, and three pole rigs.  All I fished was fishing pellet micro pellets and maggots, I done a fish expander pellets.  And planned to "dob" bread to begin with, just to let my pellet and maggot line settle for 20 mintues.

The match

Started by feeding 30 micros and 10 maggots at 13 meters, and then shipped out bread at 14.5 meters to my right with "Dobbed" bread, no bites and fished it in 5 different places with no bites.  Went on the 13 meter line and caught a small skimmer, which was a nice sign, but there has been a fish carp been caught on pegs 7 and 17.

To cut a long story short, I struggled for bites, I had 5 F1 carp and a few skimmers for 21lb and lost the section by 1lb, but the winner of the match came on peg 3, next to me, Bill caught all his fish in the corner on bread.   I hope my luck changes!!!

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