Sunday, 14 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 27 Island Pool
2nd overall
17 fished

The winds as always are awful, so concerned that presentation on the pole is going to be a nightmare, especially with a cross winds and also the peg been 8 foot deep!    Presentation is so important, if the peg isn't sat right, bites will be at minimum.  So despite having a great pole, it better to fish shorter to achieve better presentation, so apoted to fish 13 meters of the Colmic 9401.

Last week this peg won the winter league on the waggler.  However, I didn't fancy it at all, as it has very cold and the wind was horrendous (just for a changešŸ˜œ).  I had two waggler rods in the ready made bag, just I case I was wrong with my decision making.  I set up three rods.  One for bread, one pellet feeder ( clip up tight) feeding and one for searching.

Gear used

Colmic 9401 Pole 
0.135 F1 Spider line
0.10 stream
18 WN501

Colmic Next Adventure 60. 11 foot
Zartan 400
Feeder pro line 0.20
0.135 F1 Spider line.

Open Match Result – Sunday February 14th – Middle & Island Pools

1st ANDY TAYLOR 70-14-0
Harescombe Peg 18 Island
2nd CHRIS TELLING 54-8-0
Colmic Peg 27 Island
3rd PHIL SUTOR 52-10-0
Redditch Peg 7 Middle
4th RICHARD MERRY 51-6-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 25 Middle
5th JASON MORRIS 47-8-0
Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 32 Island
6th LIAM DENNICK 46-14-0
Evesham Youth Peg 27 Middle