Sunday, 8 March 2015

Manor farm Leisure

Peg 23 Island.
2nd on lake
Won section by default
4th overall
26 fished

I do seem to have a love hate for this peg!!  I never seem to do well off peg 23 Island.  Not sure why?  Today I had another day of wind, but no where near as strong as what I had been faced with at Manor Farm Leisure recently.  I.felt that I.could be on.for some  stockies, twas.they have been following the wind, so I.was lucky in that aspect, however presentation could be a problem!!  

So fed 100 4mm coarse pellets at 7 Meters and started on feeder to let the pole line.settle.  So.Feeder resulted in no liners or bites, so the pole will be soild with F1'S???  Err no.   Peg 23 Island Pool is been normal to me.   So forty minutes into the fishing match, I am looking bad!

I started a new line at 14 meters, this was going to be a challege even for my Colmic Airon F44 Pole in this cross wind.   But it was a good more. And caught stockies steady for 1.5 hours.   But was fading.   So chucked a pellet feeder to the point of the island and waited and waited and finally caught a huge 4LB F1.  I chucked it again.  Nothing

I felt my match was over, as I couldn't catch up Steve Ford on peg 32 Island Pool, who had been catching steady on pellet waggler and lead.  So my only hope is he comes first or second in the match and I win the section by default?!

Head down and try and catch stockies and some late carp down edge.   No fish down edge, but had a really good run of stockies on 0.8 gram prototype pellet float,  4 mm expander.  Caught F1'S from 6oz to 2lb.  But average 12oz, so good run gave me around 30lb in last 1.5 hours.  But they wouldn't come short??!! 

Important two have two rollers and two buckets of water!!! You don't want your pride and joy falling over!

Full result of today's fishing match at Manor Farm Leisure 

Drew next to Jon Walker

Match Result – Sunday 8th March – Island, Windmill and Middle pools

1st STEVE FORD 96-0-0
Daiwa / Old Ghost Peg 32 Island
2nd MARK HEMMING 88-8-0
Lodge Park Peg 34 Windmill
3rd ROB ELLIS 77-0-0
Smithys Peg 9 Middle
4th CHRIS TELLING 58-0-0
Colmic Airon Peg 23 Island
5th ALAN TALBOT 56-0-0
Team Hydro / Bait Tech Peg 24 Windmill
6th JAMIE READ 51-0-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 12 Island