Sunday, 15 February 2015

Manor Farm Leisure WL 6

Peg 9 Middle Pool
DNF (Did not fish)
1 point out of 10.

A bad week at the office, saw me draw peg 9 Middle.  Which unfortunately is another poor draw, peg 9 twice, peg 8 and peg 7, peg 20, and peg 21 all on middle. Sometimes this would of been awesome set of draws. I hate blaming the draw, and the old saying comes to mind " a bad work man always blames his tools".   But wow, can't get away from Middle pool. A love manor and I would never run it down, unlike some!!! ( and still colectomy the venue every week....) This venue is almost always guaranteed bites no matter what the weather! 

I went to my peg and sat there staring at the water looking for blows or fish topping, while everybody was kitting up.   Walked up the lake, well away from sky lining (don't you just love them people) and saw the top end of Middle pool alive with fish.  I know I would never complete and didn't wanna spend another 5 hours sat there! So I didn't.

Spoke to my team mates and asked not to fish, especially as the team draw was pretty bad. So rightly or wrongly, I fished the open.  
Our team draw was
Big Frank peg 17 Boundary Pool
Glen Picton peg 12 Island Pool
Chris peg 9 Middle Pool 

Glen Picton done well again, having drew peg 12 on Island and was third overall. Well done team mate!  Big Frank struggled, but had plenty of bites on peg 17 boundary pool. 

Only weights that were received. Will try and get more....

Chris Cameron, Steve Ford and Mike Robinson (Old Ghost) won the league. Well done

Peg 15 Ash Pool
12 fished

From what would of been a tough day, turned into plenty of bites, but couldn't catch the stockies in.any numbers, so caught a load of skimmers and some stockies for 48lb. But_ wasted and forced peg trying to catch carp and stockies. Hundreds of fish topping the other side of the rope.  So Ash pool still has a lot of fish in there, despite the rumours you may or may not of heard.

Ash pool has a massive head of skimmers

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