Sunday, 14 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure - Island and Boundary Pool

Peg 32 Boundary.
34lb 6oz
3rd lake
5th overall
9 Fished

Mark Malin 118lb. 

With an hour to go, I decide to pack up and sit with Mark Malin, who was bagging, as I knew I couldn't win anything, as Mark Hemming was miles infront of me and my peg got weaker!  I thought taking a few photos of Mark would be fair more productive, than sat watching motionless feeder rod or float.

The weights above aren't a true reflection of what the venue is capable of.  Everybody caught, which is a bonus considering the condtitons.  The wind did mess it up, as we all struggled to hold our poles.  Even my stiff Colmic Airon F44 wasn't good enough against gale force winds.  The tow the lake was unreal!  Not ideal for "cute pellet fishing". 
Sunday 14th December Island and Boundary Pools
1st MARK MALIN  118-0-0
Colmic / Bait Tech Peg 6 Island
2nd MARK HEMMING 63-10-0
Lodge Park Peg 36 Boundary
3rd CHRIS CAMERON 50-6-0
Middy / Old Ghost Peg 23 Island
9 Fished Mark made good use of fancied peg 6 on Island fishing bomb and alternating bread and white pellet as bait
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