Sunday, 20 July 2014

Harescombe - Abbey Lakes Pairs Match

  • Peg 5
  • 63lb
  • Won section
  • Me and my Dad was second overall (Dad was third in his section 31lb 14oz)
Trying to encourage my Dad to fish more matches, I decided to fish a club match at Harescombe Fishery, which is only 6 miles away from my house! Draw was at 10am and i left my house at 9.20 to get there early, as my dad wanted to walk around the lakes first.  However, it wasn't to be, as my dad got lost, and my 6 mile journey soon turned into 12 miles, as i tried to find him.  Anyway we got there in the end?
I had been member of the Abbey Lakes for years. It's Abbey Lakes 25 year anniversary, which is scary, as i now realise how old i'm getting! 

My match involved 2 pints of pellets, a few expander pellet and a tin of corn. 
I thought i would catch shallow, which i didn't do, so pretty gutted.  So my match was looking very bad, and after 2 hours i had managed 6 f1's and 5 skimmers, lost about 10.

So i decided to fish off the far bank at 11 meters, this worked for 3 fish the died.  So put extension on and fished 14 meters against far bank with mirco pellet and 6mm banded pellet on the hook and feed 20 micros at a time and caught steady, but missed a load of bites and lost another 20 carp.   

Casters and worms would of been whole lot better!!!

John was third in his section

Paula and John won the pairs - Well done!!

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