Saturday, 31 May 2014

Partridge Lakes - Fish O Mania

Peg 2 Willow.
30lb 3oz.
No good.
180 fished

I must say the venue is scienc, very clean, tidy, shame it's 2.5 hour drive away from my house.

Lack of knowledge of the venue, and 6 pint bait limited i was concerned that i'll select the wrong baits, which i did.  The venue fished tough, due to numbers on the lake and also this is a funny time of year, due to spawning. 
I wished i fished a super negative match, feed micro's and fished 4mm expander on the hook. But i took 4mm pellets and fished 6mm had pellet, which i quickly realised was wrong! Also i should of fished meat in the deep water, i think that would of been good for the skimmers and small f1's. Micro pellet and meat was missing off my bait tray...

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