Saturday, 24 May 2014

Coleman's Cottage. Fish O Mania

Peg 28 Pathfield
89lb 8oz
won section
2nd on lake
6th overall
130 fished

Couldn't believe how shallow the lake was!  At 5 meters the lake was 2.5 foot! That was the deepest part of the lake!
I caught all my fish against the island, middle past of the match was immensly tough, which has cost me a frame placeI

started on exander pellet which resulted in a 6oz carp straight away, nice. Caught a roach, so switched to bandeded pellet, which was ok, but faded away, therefore put another section on, and fished in the gap, with caster and worms. But realised worms weren't right, so fished casters for the rest of match, a good move, but should of done it hour earlier! Not knowing the venue has cost me a frame place. Don't get me wrong, i caught well, as most people throw back and 30lb to 40lb was the average weights, as you can refer to the weights on my lake. But it's turning an average peg into a framer!

Well done to Gary Bull for winning the event!!! 

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