Monday, 28 April 2014

White Acres - Milo

Day One

Peg 40
10lb 9oz
3rd Section

Team Caravan

Martyn Howard 7lb 2oz - 2nd Section
Neil Richards 12lb 9oz 2nd Section
Mark Kimber 85lb 3rd Section

Day Two


Peg 44
2nd in section
(45lb carp and 41lb of f1's)

A bit of a learning curve for me, as i have only ever seen this lake once before.
Shouldn't of put my nets in at the start and should of fished meat at 4 meters at the begining of the match, as Des Shipp caught a carp to begin with.

Team Caravan

Neil Richards 91lb 4oz (5th section)
Martyn Howard 141lb 9oz (1st section and 2nd overall).
Mark Kimber 4lb 2oz (4th Section)

Day Three

Peg 21 Match Lake
Won section
Won lake

A had lovely day fishing. Fished 16 meters to the point of the Island. I fished chop wot and caster with meat. I had 42lb of perch and a few skimmers and 79lb of carp and F1's. Great days fishing.

Team Caravan

Mark Kimber 140lb (2nd section and 3rd overall)
Neil Richards 44lb (4th section)
Martyn Howard 48lb ( 2nd section)

Day Four.

Peg 2 Twin Oaks
112lb 9oz
3rd section.

Lucky to caught on meat short in the last 45 mintues to caught 64lb (went over by 4lb) and had 52lb 9oz of skimmers and f1's.

Team Caravan

Martyn Howard 92lb (3rd section)
Mark Kimber 64lb (4th section) minus a 6th pole section.
Neil Richard 74lb ( 6th section)

Neil Richards swimming for Mark's 6th section.... which we didn't get!

Simon in action, giving me another lesson on "how to catch fish at Whiteacres".  I had to give him a £1, as I had over 90lb!!

Day Five

Peg 9 Acron
3rd in section
Needed a win, and went for broke. Cost me 2nd, but needed a win badly.

Team Caravan

Martyn 44lb 2nd section
Mark 166lb 2nd section
Neil ???

Top 3 of the Milo Festival
36 points 416lb Mick Jones
36 points 469lb Darren Cox
36 points 438lb Des Shipp

Summary of Milo Festival at White Acres.
An great 5 days away, a great holiday and had a right laugh. I came 25th overall out of 170 ish anglers.

I made a far too many  wrong decisions:

Porth feed to the pole line too long. Very bad mistake. 

Boilingey I feed groundbait down the edge, should of feed 8mm meat.

Match Lake i should of took more meat, only took 1 unit. The peg was worth 160lb, so should of had another 25% plus.

Twin Oaks, should of fished a method at the start withdead red's as hook bait. Fish the method for 30 minutes, then fish chop worm and caster at 4 meters. Didn't take caster. So fished chopped worms with pellets. Wasn't right, but managed to catch 50lb of skimmers copying Simon.

Last day, needed a win, to get 33 points, which we thought may get in the top 10, which it didn't anyway!  I feed groundbait down the edge and foul hooked 8 fish and lost everyone!!

I'm impressed with Colmic's Carpodromo nets. They range from 2.5 meters to 4 meters. The shorter length is ideal for 60lb weight limits. Also these nets are very easy to pull through as they are circle rings (no sharp angles to brake rings). The mess is thick and therefore they keep their stiffens in the water.  

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