Thursday, 24 April 2014

Gold Valley

Peg 129
14lb 6oz
No good.
10 peg Section was won on Peg 123 With 30lb

This proved to be a very tough secton. 30lb won my section. Many people including myself struggled for bites. I had 3. 2 carp and a foul hooker, that ripped the rod in, which i played for a about a minute and came back with a huge scale.

I used my Colmic Pro Feed 10ft, nice rod for a retail of £60.  Set up wise was 0.20 method line and 0.18 F1 line,  to Drennan 16 carp feeder. Simple. 8mm pellet on the hook. Also caught on pop up, 8mm. Used a 14 carp feeder. 

I had one fish on pellet and the other on pop up.