Saturday, 29 March 2014

Angling Trust Semi Final

4lb 6oz
2nd to last
9 section.
Team was 5th

I was excited with my draw and more importantly we seemed to have a decent draw.


I do love my chop worm fishing on the Kennet and Avon canal. I have been lucky enough to have some success on chop worm fishing, but i have also wasted time and lost section win and even matches by spending too long fishing chop worm.

Like our last semi final, there is no fast or easy rules with chop worm on Kennet and Avon canal. One rule I would say Lob Worm is a must for these big perch.  I've feed anything from 20 lobs to 150! So anglers mince their worms and anothers cut them up to little segments. I like to wash my worms and cut them to mush, unless I know that there's loads of perch present and then i'll but into segments. But drawing flyers don't happen that oftened! Well, I had one at Churches on one of the opens, and another today, end peg flyers!

Team Line Ups

Road Side

Peg 12 14lb 10oz
peg 11 5lb 7oz
peg 10 1lb 7oz
peg 9 4lb 2oz
peg 8 1lb 9oz
peg 7 3lb 12oz
peg 6 2lb 2oz
peg 5 3lb 1oz
peg 4 1lb 13oz
peg 3 5oz
peg 2 2lb 15oz
peg 1 3lb 5oz


However, but a long story short it was a struggle for myself, couldn't put a run of fish together. Caught the most perch over my chop all year put togeter, but they were all to small! Must of had 20 perch, which would of gone a disappointing 3lb and had 1lb ish of roach.

1. Starlets 66
2. Dorking 63
3. Gordon League 59


1. Dave Micklewright 22lb 1oz
2.  Nigel Evans 17lb 4oz
3. Mark Gaylard 13lb 1oz

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