Sunday, 12 January 2014

Manor Farm Leisure - Island and Boundary Pools

  • Peg 23 Island
  • 71lb 4oz
  • 3rd overall
  • 24 fished

This weeks fishing matches have been very tough at Manor Farm Leisure, as like a lot of venues due to the weather.  Island Pool at Manor Farm Leisure has been very consistent around pegs 27 to 35 for F1 carp and "proper" carp. Not entirely sure why the fish have shoaled up there, but it is deeper and that part of the lake has been sheltered from the wind for the last few weeks.
Also on Island pegs 6 to 14 have been throwing up, but it's been more carp in this area as a whole. Therefore, I would change my approach to single hook baits and very negative fishing i.e. feed nothing and fishing smelly meat or boilie. Whereas pegs 27 to 35 you should be able to catch on the pole with pellets and catch on the method as well.

Boundary Pool at Manor Farm Leisure is normally very good around pegs 35-40 and 8 - 12.  Again pole and pellet is very consistent.

The complex fished very well considering the conditions that has been throw at it. Don't get me wrong, there was areas that were tough, but that's winter fishing, the top 3 all had 70lb plus, sections were won with 40lb plus weights.   Everybody caught, no blanks.

I was gutted with my draw and was very tempted to go home, as I had been on pegs 24, 20, 18 and caught very little and feared the worse. On arrival to my peg I could see no water movement, which is a concern and as always fish were topping around 30's and fish crashing on peg 6 on the point.

I chucked the bread on lead for 10 minutes, never had a bite. Chucked a little pellet feeder with NRG meat. Never had a liner. The Toby Carvery looked good. So 30 minutes had gone, peg 6 and peg 34 had caught, whereas the rest of the lake seemed to be struggling. I went on the pole 16 meters had a skimmer after couple of minutes and then caught steady, but only F1's. But I was chuffed, as the next hour saw me catch more fish that I had in 3 visits to this area.

Peg 34 Island won the lake again, that peg has won the lake the last four matches in a row. Slipper/Red Bull man won the match.  Derek caught all his fish on the pole for a comfortable lake win and a overall match win!

Caught one carp on method feeder, which was a nice Mirror Carp about 6lb.
I had 3 carp for a total of 13lb
10lb of skimmers
18 F1's for just under 40lb.
Nice days fishing, glad I went to my peg and as I was lucky enough to sit on a few fish.

Gear used:

Comlic Airon F55 Pole
Vespe 2.1mm E2 Hollow elastic
0.145 X5000 mainline to 0.115 Colmic Stream 18 Drennan Carp Match
0.4 Jon Walker Pellet Float

Colmic Pro Feed 11ft feeder
Colmic Zartan 4000 reel
0.20 Colmic Method line

Open Match Results – Sunday 12th January – Island and Boundary Pools

Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 42 Boundary
Shipston AC Peg 33 Island
Colmic Airon Peg 23 Island
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 37 Boundary
Match Box Peg 19 Boundary
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 15 Island

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